PA HIT Day 2019 - Advocacy Day on the Hill

April 30, 8:00am, EDT - 5:00pm, EDT


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There will be a full Healthcare IT Advocacy Day on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Representatives from DVHIMSS, Western PA HIMSS and Central PA HIMSS will be visiting State Representatives to discuss and advocate for legislation that support the progress of the Healthcare IT (HIT) initiatives in Pennsylvania.

Legislative and executive branch leaders will discuss legislative and other government progress toward advancing HIT in the Commonwealth via a webinar later that day. The hour-long webinar will commence at approximately 12:00 noon EST and will feature remarks from legislative leaders as well as the Advocacy Committee chairs of the PA HIMSS chapters.


2019 Asks


Support for the [new] Telehealth Bill

Telehealth has the potential for advancing health services to patients with chronic conditions and offers benefits to students in school settings. For instance, remote services can reduce student absenteeism and provide instantaneous support for school nurses – addressing issues such as diabetes, asthma, behavioral and mental health, speech therapy, dental, vision, and auditory screening, nutritional counseling, health education and preventative measures.


Interoperable health records for students by 2025

Support for crafting of new legislation that would require by 2025 that all students in Pennsylvania shall have an interoperable, standards-based, minimal health record easily accessible through health information exchange capabilities.

Legislators can serve their constituents by supporting advanced electronic school health records that include Immunization, Oral, Vision, and other health concerns. Having the record in an electronic format upon graduation will benefit students as they transition between different schools and/or across state boundaries, in having more continuity of care through better data sharing practices.


HIT workforce initiatives

Engage in Health Information Technology Workforce Development Initiatives in your district to keep Pennsylvania employed and competitive by supporting academic programs and related funding for science, technology and internships.

Pennsylvania’s competitiveness and workforce vitality necessitates training in emerging technologies. Training areas include: Mobile health devices, telehealth devices and operations, in-home electronic devices, the use of advanced health information exchanges, and patient-centered care coordination initiatives. Research areas include: Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and information science.




PA HIT Day on the Hill begins at 8:00 a.m. EST at the PA State Capitol (convening room will be communicated at a later date). Participants will be divided into small groups. These groups will then go out and meet with desginated state legiislators and their staff to discuss issues related to our 2019 Asks and seek their support. We ask that participants should be prepared to discuss our 2019 Asks using personal knowledge and experiences as such personlaized discussions help futher our advocacy efforts.



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