ePatient Summit 2019

April 25, 11:30am, PDT - 6:30pm, PDT

Salesforce East @ 350 Mission
Ohana Floor
Downtown San Francisco

Beyond Brick and Mortar: Busting Down the Barriers to Healthcare

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This year’s program will explore the exciting ways that technology is changing the way that patients can receive care and interact with their care team. You will learn the about different ways care providers are getting a more holistic picture of their patients through the Social Determinants of Health, how technology is enabling patients to receive care anywhere, and how new technologies like voice, chatbots, and mobile apps are upending the traditional constraints of healthcare.

High Level Agenda:

  • A panel on how technology is changing how patients get to and from appointments. Lyft, Uber, and others are creating partnerships with providers to ease the burden of getting to appointments.
  • 3 quick sessions on different ways to receive care. "Call" for video appointments and virtual triage, "Click" for chatbots and AI, "Come in" for apps and employer programs that send caregivers to where the patient is
  • A talk or demo of how voice is becoming mainstream in healthcare. Show the possibilities for how voice is changing how patients directly interact with treatments and how providers interact with EMR/systems.
  • A talk from a leading provider on social determinants of health. Through SDOH, hospitals and care providers aren't just looking at the diagnosis directly in front of them. Rather they're using technology to look at the entire person -- home life, mental health, genetic factors, etc. -- to treat the entire person, not just one issue at a time.
  • A keynote by an industry leader on the future of healthcare and how technology is hastening the rapid market shifts seen today