Chapter Leader Exchange - Day 2 - Engagement and Motivation

September 24, 2:00pm, CDT - 4:00pm, CDT



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The DNA of Engagement & Motivation

Jacob Goldstein, The Leadership Laboratory

Whether working with your highest performers or the ones with the most room for growth, smart leaders are constantly contemplating how to motivate and influence their teams to succeed.  So often we rely on external rewards – like motivating a horse to run with the carrot on a stick – yet these can only work for so long.  Join us for deep dive into the psychology of motivation and how to directly influence your chapters to operate at peak performance.

During this session, participants will:

  • Explore the three types of motivation and engagement
  • Experiment with three unique theories to immediately increase intrinsic motivation
  • Reflect on current leadership practices, and apply new theories to enhance personal leadership
  • Establish a stronger community of like-minded individuals and rising thought leaders
  • Develop an action plan to implement key design theory lessons into project leadership


As a result of this session, participants will be able to enhance their leadership capabilities through the following behaviors:

  • Ask stronger questions to inspire peak performance from those around us
  • Projecting self-confidence and instilling confidence in others
  • Actively listening and understanding the needs of others
  • Setting goals and keeping communication concise, relevant, and impactful
  • Leading with values, clarifying how to encourage our peers and team members to leverage  theirs