PDMP Integration and Telehealth: Existing and Flexible Funding for States to Combat the Opioid Crisis

December 13, 9:00am, AKST - 10:00am, AKST


This webinar will focus on asks two and three from the HIMSS Virtual March on the States advocating for using existing federal funding streams and flexibility for prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) integration into EHRs and leveraging telehealth to increase access to high quality treatment for substance use disorders. These recommendations were highlighted in CMS’ June 2018 letter. The integration of the PDMP into the EHR aims to reduce clinician burden and improve usage of the PDMP and telehealth aims to improve access to treatment for substance use disorders.

Learning objectives:

  1. Increase awareness on funding opportunities to improve technology through PDMP integration and telehealth; and
  2. Create a dialogue to produce actionable steps in moving toward state wide healthcare access