What Does Scanning Orchestration Mean and Why Should HIT Security Professionals Care?

April 20, 12:00pm, MDT - 1:00pm, MDT




What you'll learn

This webinar will explore the benefits of Medigate's recently announced partnership with Rapid7. Webinar attendees will learn why the partners’ newly released, bi-directionally integrated solution is regarded as a Vulnerability Management (VM) game-changer. Todd Felker, Torrance Memorial’s CISO, will detail how Torrance is now able to execute identity-based scanning; improve the safety of scanning operations; advance maintenance coordination; and increase asset uptime/availability. Attendees will be introduced to the term “scanning orchestration” and learn about its relevance to connected asset security operations. 

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How clinical asset VM constraints are being overcome
  • Where the VM value proposition is headed
  • Why recent advances to traditional VM practice matter