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This issue of Chapter Leaders News focuses on Membership.

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Call to Action

Are we attracting younger members?
Kevin Minot - Senior Manager, Individual Membership

I spend a lot of time researching membership trends and best practices. Regardless of the article or publication title or thesis rest assured one subject is always included – Millennials. The main theme always seems to boil down to – PANIC! Millennials are different from older generations and they won’t join professional associations. It’s true, Millennials are different – they are younger and their life experiences have been molded by different technological, cultural, social, and political aspects than Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers. But is it really fair to say that Millennials won’t join an association just because of the year they were born?

The panic about whether younger generations will join an association has been going on for decades. The Silent Generation and Baby Boomers panicked about Generation X. Gen X was defined as “slackers” and the consensus was associations were doomed because these “slackers” weren’t going to join. Well research has shown that Gen X and Millennials are not inherently less likely than previous generations to join associations. In fact, as X’ers and Millennials settle into their career they have shown the same willingness to join associations as the generations before them. Moreover, Millennials and X’ers have shown a greater propensity to join because they actively seek out mission driven organizations that will provide them a window to make a positive impact on the world. Now this doesn’t mean that associations can just, “built it and they will come”, but it suggests that rather than panic we need to find ways to seize the opportunity and energy of young professionals.

I encourage chapter leaders to find ways to build on strengths – experience, knowledge, and connections – to increase engagement with younger members. One example of this is the Millennials reception that was held at HIMSS16. The event provided a space to help foster connections that are important for knowledge sharing and career building. Look for ways to engage the chapter’s young professionals . Don’t know what young professionals are looking for? Then ask them. Create a task force or work group consisting of younger members – or prospective members – to give them a voice on programs and events.

As professionals in the industry, HIMSS has exactly what young professionals are looking for – a mission driven organization with the knowledge, experience, and connections to help them advance and succeed in their chosen career while making a difference in the world. So rather than panic about young people not joining associations lets focus on ways to evolve products and services to meet the needs of younger colleagues to build the leaders of tomorrow.

HIMSS National Nurses Week 2016

HIMSS joins the American Nurses Association, Alliance for Nursing Informatics and numerous other partners in celebrating National Nurses Week, held May 6-12, 2016. The purpose of this week-long celebration is to raise awareness of the value of nursing and help educate the public about the role nurses play in meeting the healthcare needs of Americans. Join HIMSS in celebrating nurses, who are at the forefront of improving patient care and transforming healthcare. HIMSS invites chapters to recognize all nurses, nurse informaticists and nurse leaders, whether they serve on the board, or on committees or attend as members.

HIMSS is hosting two webinars that are complimentary to everyone in the HIMSS Community. Please invite chapter members and help promote the acknowledgement of National Nurses Week:

Register: HIMSS National Nurses Week Webinars In light of National Nurses Week 2016, HIMSS would like to invite the entire HIMSS Community to attend two webinar presentations that will be featured on May 9 and May 12 entitled Nursing Informatics Pioneers and Nursing Informatics 101. Registration is free and both webinars are open to the public. Click here to register.

Important Notes

Start Planning for FY17 Board Transitions
Now is the time for chapter boards to start the transition process into FY17 (starting July 1). Chapters should be considering candidates for upcoming board elections. Make sure that all potential candidates have been a chapter leader for at least one year. There are a number of election-related templates, timelines and suggestions at the Chapter Leader Resource Area under “Elections.

In addition, create a succession plan to all board member should adhere to. This ensures that the knowledge learned by outgoing chapter leaders can be imparted on the incoming replacement. Consider scheduling a board retreat to acclimate new board member and kick of the new fiscal year. If a retreat is no feasible, use the board’s first meeting for introductions, networking amongst leaders and brainstorming. Contact Chapter Staff with questions or concerns.

2016 Chapter Leader Exchange – Save the Date
The 2016 Chapter Leader Exchange will be held on July12 at 1 p.m. until July 13 at 3 p.m. CDT. This year’s event will be held at the Crowne Plaza O'Hare in Rosemont, Ill.  All attendees must register to attend (registration will open in May). HIMSS will cover roundtrip airfare and one night hotel stay for one designated chapter representative as well as a complimentary event registration. 

Chapter are welcome to send additional leaders, but please note that the attendee is responsible for all travel costs, including airfare, hotel expenses and registration fees. Please consider budgeting and reimbursement policy for all chapter leader attendees. Contact Chapter Staff with questions or concerns. HIMSS hopes to see you in July. 

HIMSS17 Call for Proposals
The HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition – health IT's largest event – offers exceptional education to tens of thousands of health IT professionals. HIMSS seeks compelling stories – demonstrating insight, thought leadership, diversity, expertise and lessons learned on the optimal use and value derived from health IT – to be presented at HIMSS17. The HIMSS17 Call for Proposals opens May 2 through June 13.

Apply to be a HIMSS17 speaker, and share your success and challenges with attendees. Sessions should include:

  • How IT is transforming the quality, safety, access and cost-effectiveness of health and healthcare
  • What your health IT journey has taught you
  • How your experiences are valuable to others
  • How you have overcome challenges and obstacles

To learn more about proposal creation, register for the upcoming Creating a Sound Proposal for HIMSS17: A Detailed Overview Webinar on Tuesday, May 10 at 1-2 p.m. CDT. Or visit the HIMSS Annual Conference Call for Proposal Webpage or contact Deb Clough, manager of annual conference education.

In Case You Missed It – Chapter Reminders
HIMSS16 Education Session Recordings
Educational sessions are available on the HIMSS16 website. Most full conference registrations include online access to education session recordings for one year. Sessions are searchable by topic, professional role, type, and CE credits available. Some will include supplemental handouts or materials as well (denoted by the download symbol).

Open Call Chapters Task Force
A great opportunity to share knowledge as an experienced chapter leader is to become a member of the FY17 Chapters Task Force. More information regarding requirements and expectations is attached. To become a member of this important Task Force, complete the online application by May 6.

Tools and Resources

Upcoming Chapter Leader Webinars
This spring HIMSS will transition to a new website platform for chapters. HIMSS is scheduling two website training webinars to ensure a smooth transition for chapters. All chapter leaders are welcome to join this webinar. We strongly encourage chapter presidents and webmasters to attend at least one live webinar opportunity to acquire all necessary information for the website launch. 

  • Chapter Website Training | Option 1 - May 10 at 3:00 p.m. CDT
  • Chapter Website Training | Option 2 - May 19 at 12:00 p.m. CDT

The training recording will be posted on the Chapter Leader Resource Area. Please note that all content on chapters current website will be migrated onto the new site by HIMSS web team – the responsibility that falls to chapter leaders is learning the new website platform. Register for one of the training webinars.

U.S. Department of Commerce
The U.S. Department of Commerce’s U.S. Commercial Service and HIMSS have collaborated for years through many joint activities (HIMSS, eHealth Week, etc.) and working with many mutual clients. As HIMSS is an international leader for better health through information technology and the efforts to enhance health and care outcomes using IT, its global mission is well aligned with the U.S. Commercial Service mission to facilitate U.S. exports and assist U.S. export businesses. A strategic collaboration between HIMSS and the U.S. Commercial Service has the potential to yield mutual benefits.

State and regional HIMSS meetings present the best opportunity for U.S. Commercial Service offices to collaborate most effectively. These meetings provide business leaders from the U.S. industry whose knowledge of and expertise in international business to be a guide to U.S. exporters. Collaboration will allow for meaningful advice, recommendations, mentorship and participation in trade promotion activities, including HIMSS global events. Given the unique challenges associated with developing international markets in the healthcare and IT sectors, the specialized knowledge developed and shared through a collaboration between HIMSS and the U.S. Commercial Service will provide wider access to small and medium-sized U.S. businesses, and share export best practices with a growing number of U.S. companies, which promotes economic and industry growth. Working together has capacity to facilitate the development of an effective export assistance network and can assist in coordinating a greater awareness of HIMSS core objectives:

  • Counseling and mentoring U.S. businesses in exporting
  • Identifying global issues affecting the industry
  • Building local partnerships industry and trade-related organizations
  • Providing training and educational programming

Alliance between HIMSS and the U.S. Commercial Service will serve to encourage and support exports of health IT goods and services that strengthen individual companies, stimulate U.S. economic growth, and create jobs. For additional information: http://www.export.gov/industry/health/index.asp or contact: Michelle Ouellette, Michelle.Ouellette@trade.gov

Spotlight HIMSS Communities

HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Community

The HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Community offers a virtual forum for healthcare providers and other healthcare stakeholders to hear from nationally and internationally recognized thought leaders and experts, including government officials, vice presidents, and C-Suite executives, and dialogue with peers. Upcoming monthly webinars include presentations from an ethical hacker, Secure Ideas, a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a distinguished technical architect for the U.S. healthcare industry with Symantec.

Benefits of joining the HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Community:

  • Free to HIMSS members and non-members
  • Hear from acclaimed experts and thought leaders in cybersecurity
  • Exchange information and dialogue with your peers via the community-specific ListServ
  • Connect to HIMSS National healthcare cybersecurity activities

HIMSS encourages chapter leaders to disseminate this information about the HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Community to members. The HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Community is a perfect way for local chapter leaders and members to engage with peers at the HIMSS national level, and to influence and shape the present and future of healthcare cybersecurity as a community. HIMSS invites chapter leaders and their colleagues to join the HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Community.

Here are additional ways to learn more and participate in our HIMSS National privacy and security activities and initiatives:

Contact Mike Kroll, manager, technology solutions, with questions or to request more information.

Members In Action

Recognize outstanding Chapter board members or volunteers for above and beyond chapter accomplishments by submitting to HIMSS Members in Action.

Upcoming Chapter Events


April 28 & 29
2016 Annual Spring Conference | Kansas Chapter of HIMSS Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview | Wichita, KS

April 29
Lean/Quality Improvement Share Day | Houston Chapter of HIMSS Mays Clinic | Houston, TX

April 29
4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament | Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter of HIMSS Riverchase Golf Course | Coppell, TX

April 30
2016 Nursing Informatics Bootcamp | Georgia Chapter of HIMSS Piedmont Atlanta Hospital | Atlanta, GA


May 2
2016 Joint Conference | Iowa Chapter of HIMSS Coralville Marriott Hotel & Conference Center | Coralville, IA

May 5
2016 Nursing Informatics Bootcamp | Northern California Chapter of HIMSS Esquire Building | Sacramento, CA

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