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This issue of Chapter Leader eNews focuses on Public Relations and Communications.

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Call To Action

HIMSS Annual Call for Committee Volunteers
There’s still time to submit an application for a HIMSS Committee position. In this key role, available for a term of two fiscal years, committee volunteers contribute to health IT transformation by leading and executing the strategic initiatives of HIMSS, while building a robust network and enhancing professional development opportunities. Participation is open to all HIMSS members who are not currently serving in other leadership positions within the Society and have maintained active membership for at least the past 12 consecutive months. The call for applications closes on March 9. Apply today.

National Healthcare Innovation Summit
The National Healthcare Innovation Summit, which will be held in Chicago on June 15-17, focuses on innovative solutions that meet the challenges of higher quality, better patient experiences and more affordable care. Sessions will focus on innovations, programs and leadership strategies that are driving revenue growth and fueling market expansion among an expanding network of innovators drawn from integrated delivery systems, medical groups, health plans and community service. Join Summit co-chairs, Dr. Molly Coye, chief innovation officer, UCLA Health System and Dr. Wendy Everett, chief executive officer, the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI) explore Innovation: Growth to Greatness. Register Today.

HIMSS Security Survey
We healthcare providers to participate in the 2015 HIMSS Security Survey. Note that individual responses will be kept confidential. The results will be formally announced at the 2015 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, Ill., as well as being publicly released. The objective of this survey is to obtain an understanding of the state of information security at healthcare providers across the industry.

Important Notes

HIMSS15 Chapter Leader Activity
Mark your calendars for April 12-16,  in Chicago for the2015 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. As a HIMSS chapter leader, it is importance to have a presence at the biggest health IT event of the year.  Promote chapters’ HIMSS14 participation and promote attendance to members.

Chapter Leadership Workshop – The training on Sunday, April 12 from 2:00 – 4:30 p.m. in the convention center, and is open to all chapter leaders. Register in advance.

Promote HIMSS15 and Chapter Membership – HIMSS is created a chapter Marketing Toolkit to help you get the word out —HIMSS15 is for all healthcare professionals. Encourage  chapter members to attend. 

Chapter Receptions – Those hosting a chapter event at conference have been receiving emails to confirm the details.  Please look for emails requiring responses and reply asap. Deadlines are quickly approaching.

HIMSS Block Party - Chapters have the opportunity to host a table at the HIMSS Block Party (This is the event formerly known as Community Open House), pending space availability, on Wednesday, April 15 from 5:30-7:00 p.m., in the convention center. Submit a HIMSS Block Party survey request.

 Discount Code - As a token of our appreciation, we offer all chapter leaders a $100 discount off one regular individual HIMSS15 full registration fee. This discount is non-transferable and only one promo code (discount) is allowed per person. To apply the discount, register online and enter the promotional code 15ACDFCHP

Chapter Website Update
The new set of requirements has been created and submitted for a full Statement of Work from our vendor.  This will bring us through phase two. As a reminder, the project will never be 100 percent complete, as we work continuously to improve the sites, enhance the training, and provide the best quality site possible. 

Once the SOW is approved, a call will be scheduled with all chapter website Point of Contacts (POC) to share the timeline of the updates to be made. More to come as always!

Chapter Extranet Upgrades
Among the many web enhancements efforts that HIMSS has created in the last year is a new extranet platform.  This platform is an efficient creative production portal retaining functionality from the current SharePoint platform. This new option centralizes the processes and resources while optimizing chapter’s board content management. 

Some of the features include:

  • Announcements Newsfeed: News Articles, Deadline Reminders, Calls to Action for board members.
  • Document Repository: Central Archive for all content produced for your community.
  • Calendar: Event/activity timelines, production schedules, annual standard deadlines, etc.
  • Categories: Committees, executive team content, sub-topics, etc.
  • Discussions: Q&A, brainstorming ideas, forums, etc.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Collaborate efficiently with chapter boards on the production of fiscal year goals/tactics.
  • Share resources and information with chapter boards and committees through social functionality.
  • Centralize chapter’s content and resources in one location.

During this transition, HIMSS will be sun setting the current SharePoint Platform.  Chapter leadership will be required to audit documentation housed on the SharePoint site to migrate pertinent chapter information and purge the remainder.  HIMSS is requesting that chapter’s complete this migration as soon as possible to avoid anypotential data loss. Stay tuned for more detailed instructions to follow during the step-by-step transition working with HIMSS chapters.  In the meantime, send questions to Chapter Staff.

Tools and Resources

HIMSS Chapter Marketing Materials – UPDATED
As mentioned during the last chapter leader webinar, the HIMSS Marketing Team has recently added more key items marketing/promotional items for local chapter use. Located at the Chapter Leader FTP site (Username: chapterlogos; Password: Clogos2013), check out the folder entitled HIMSS15 Collateral which now includes:

HIMSS15 Collateral ftp://ftp.himss.org/HIMSS Chapters/HIMSS15 Collateral/
Chapter Toolkit ftp://ftp.himss.org/HIMSS Chapters/HIMSS15 Collateral/Toolkit/
Brochures ftp://ftp.himss.org/HIMSS Chapters/HIMSS15 Collateral/Brochures/
HIMSS15 logos ftp://ftp.himss.org/HIMSS Chapters/HIMSS15 Collateral/Logos/
Word document ftp://ftp.himss.org/HIMSS Chapters/HIMSS15 Collateral/Word Document/
HIMSS Boilerplate ftp://ftp.himss.org/HIMSS Chapters/HIMSS Boilerplate/

Note: To access the FTP site if having trouble with the links, copy the full link, rather thank clicking on the hyperlink.  

Send any questions or suggestions for new marketing collateral to Chapter Staff.

PR Guidelines and Resources
PR is a constantly changing field. While you may have a basic understanding of PR principles, electronic communication methods evolve the field each year. Below are two articles that provide tips and best practices for PR in 2015.

Download the Chapters Public Relations Guide in the Chapter Leaders Resource area for HIMSS related PR information. Send questions you have concerning public relations efforts to Chapter Staff.

Data Privacy Day
HIMSS joined the National Cyber Security Alliance to recognize Data Privacy Day (DPD) on Jan. 28. Data Privacy Day is an international effort centered on "Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust." Previously, HIMSS joined the National Cyber Security Alliance and numerous other champions in celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), held annually in October and is taking the opportunity to raise awareness throughout the year.

For any chapter leaders interested in engaging in DPD efforts, become a Data Privacy Day Champion. Additional chapter leader resources:

  1. Learn Five Ways the Healthcare Industry Can Get Involved This Data Privacy Day.
  2. Protect yourself from becoming a victim of Phishing.
  3. HIMSS Podcast Episode #33: Data Phishing On The Rise.
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2015 Annual Healthcare IT Conference | Southern California HIMSS Chapter
Los Angeles, CA | March 2

2015 MDHIMSS Spring Education Session | Maryland HIMSS Chapter
Baltimore, MD | March 5

SCHIMSS Inaugural Winter Dinner Event | South Carolina HIMSS Chapter
Columbia, SC | March 5

March 2015 Lunch & Learn | Austin HIMSS Chapter
Austin, TX | March 10

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