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This issue of Chapter Leaders News focuses on Resources and Training for Incoming leaders

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Call To Action

2015 Chapter Leader Exchange
The 2015 Chapter Leader Exchange will be held at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio on July 14 and 15.   Similar to previous years, HIMSS will cover airfare and a one-night stay at the HIMSS host hotel for one board representative per HIMSS chapter. Instructions are available, and have been distributed to all chapter leadership.  Please make sure that the chapter’s designated representative has registered and completed travel arrangements at soon as possible.

Proposed 2015 Chapter Leader Exchange topics:

  • HIMSS North America FY16 Strategic Initiatives
  • Policy and Leadership Go Hand-in-Hand:  Policy 101
  • What Members Really Want from Your Website
  • Strategic Relations presentation
  • Leading the Charge:  Meeting & Event Keys to Success
  • Financial Management
  • Aligning Chapter Planning with Membership and Programs (working lunch)

Registration is also open to additional chapter leadership for those chapters who plan to send multiple board representatives.  Please send any follow-up questions to Chapter Staff.

2015 Chapter Leader Webinar: Veterans Career Services
Join HIMSS and Chapter Leadership to learn more about HIMSS Veterans Career Services on June 25. This session is open to all active chapter board members. HIMSS’ staff member Amy Justice, program manager, Veterans Career Services, Government Relations will discuss this important venture and how chapters can be more involved. Time will be included for open discussion and Q&A.  When joining this webinar, please include name and chapter affiliation. 

To join this webinar, register at the Chapter Leader Resource Area under Events.  For those who cannot attend, a recording will be available to all at Chapter Leader Webinars.  Send any questions to Chapter Staff.

Important Notes

FY15 Chapter Annual Standards Report
The 2015 Chapter Annual Standards Report is due Friday, July 31. This document is designed to help chapters achieve their organizational goals. This also helps HIMSS staff determine if chapters have met minimum organizational and program delivery requirements based on the standards included in the report. Failure to submit the report may result in disciplinary action. 

HIMSS wants to make the annual reporting process as easy and efficient as possible for chapters. To ensure that the report is completed in a timely fashion HIMSS strongly encourages chapter leaders to work on the report throughout the year. 

The report asks chapters for information integral to the chapters program. Each section must be completed in its entirety in the format requested on the report.  Completing the report can be quick and easy, as long as all board members contribute with a plan in place.

FY15 Annual Standards Report

Chapter Website Update
As HIMSS Chapters enter into the leadership transition period, HIMSS encourages chapter leaders to review the chapter’s website, and note any changes that the board would like to make. Considering reviewing the following pieces in particular:

  • Does the home page carousel photo reflect chapter territory and/or the health IT field?
  • Does the home page list upcoming events or a call to action to become a member?
  • Is the board list in the process of being updated to reflect the incoming board?

During the 2015 Chapter Leader Exchange in Cleveland, Ohio, in July, a HIMSS web team member will present and be available for 10-15 minutes website update sessions.  Bring ideas, questions and an open-mind to learn about best practices and what visitor seeks from HIMSS chapter websites.

Tools and Resources

Successfully Train New Board Members
As the 2015 fiscal year comes to a close, HIMSS hope that chapter boards are ready to welcome FY16 chapter leadership and begin the transition process.  To help HIMSS chapters execute a seamless transition, HIMSS provides several resources to leadership members:

  • Board Member Training – Each board member exiting a leadership position should schedule one-on-one training time with their replacement so that they can “hit the ground running.” This could take place prior to the annual planning meeting or possibly during a transition retreat. HIMSS encourages past board members to retain an advisory role on the board if applicable. Make sure to update the chapter’s Policies & Procedures document to reflect any changes to leadership roles or duties.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan – The board transition and annual planning meeting should be conducted prior to FY16 if possible. The transition meeting is the time to review duties and responsibilities with the incoming board, identify programs and initiatives to be implemented during the coming year, as well as complete the Annual Standards Report. Chapters should plan to identify meeting dates and major initiatives in the strategic plan, committees and programs everything should run smoothly throughout the year. The FY15 Chapter Annual Standards Report is available at the Chapter Leader Resource Area.             
  • Update Board of Directors Roster – Please send the 2015-2016 board rosters to Chapter Staff Services as soon as possible so new board members receive communications on all training opportunities.

Add FY16 Chapter Events to the HIMSS.org Calendar
Generate buzz and reach a greater audience by submitting your FY16 chapter event details to HIMSS so it can be added to the  Calendar of Events at HIMSS.org. Remember that the more event details provided (date, time, location, fee, registration link, agenda, etc.) to HIMSS, the more robust the event will appear, hopefully attracting new attendees.  If an event is still in the planning process, HIMSS can post an event save-the-date as well.  Make sure to send all chapter events details to Chapter Staff, and HIMSS will post the information ASAP.

Promote HIMSS Certification
Health IT certification becomes a natural choice of many professionals working in the healthcare industry and HIMSS offers two types of certification.  The Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS) is aimed for advanced and experienced professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree, while the Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS) is suited for emerging professionals and those who are considering switching career to healthcare information and management systems related work. 

CPHIMS is fast becoming an international standard in health IT and management systems with the credential holders from all over the world, including high demand and growth in Asia, the Middle East and Canada. For some interesting metrics, find out who is becoming certified, or search for certification review courses.

HIMSS provides opportunities to assist those who are interested in become CPHIMS/CAHIMS certified through the certification review courses (both in-person and online). HIMSS chapters have found creative incentives to encourage certification, such as scholarship/financial assistance, discounted or rebated exam/review course fees, study group offerings and virtual learning opportunities.   

For those pursing certification, HIMSS just published a brand new book Preparing for Success in Healthcare Information and Management Systems: The CAHIMS Review Guide, which is an ideal companion book to have a systematic review of the nine areas of CAHIMS body of knowledge.

Senior Director, Professional Development

Julianna Kazragys
Manager, Certification, Professional Development

Karla Wheeler
Program Manager, Professional Development

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