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This issue of Chapter Leader eNews focuses on HIMSS Membership

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Call To Action

Increase Member Engagement in your Chapter
HIMSS continues to see increased growth in membership with now over 52,000 individual members, over 600 corporate members, and over 250 non-profit partners.  As the local HIMSS entity,  chapters play an integral role in attracting, recruiting, and of course retaining members through providing invaluable local educational and networking programs. As a cause-based organization, HIMSS focuses on mission critical activities that will increase engagement, not just member numbers.

There are various member constituencies within HIMSS. Below is a description of membership types to better inform chapter leaders and help reach these individuals.  Local membership tactics are intended to increase chapter members’ engagement with activities.

Individual Membership
Join the original HIMSS membership.  Regular members can participate at the national level on a professional community, committee, or special interest group. Members also receive discounted pricing on conferences, webinars, publications and the eLearning Academy.  Full membership  grants access to members-only content on HIMSS.org. There are also options for local (chapter), online, student and international membership.

Organizational Affiliate
Organizational Affiliate memberships are designed to help healthcare providers and academic organizations offer staff and students all of the resources needed to succeed in individual jobs and in the industry. Organizations can save money, save time, and become better equipped for success with benefits, such as free memberships, complimentary education, access to tools, resources and research, and enhanced networking opportunities.

Corporate Membership
Become a catalyst for progress, working from the inside to stay connected and current.  Collaborate and share knowledge with industry stakeholders who are committed to positive change. Influence public policy impacting the national health IT agenda.  Educate colleagues on industry trends and market developments.  Connect with customer, peers and industry leaders.  Corporate membership is especially beneficial for healthcare technology vendors and consulting firms.

Non-Profit Partner Partnerships
HIMSS calls on all non-for-profits, trade associations and professional organizations that share the HIMSS’ mission.  Similar to the Corporate Membership program, Non-Profit Partners can expect the same level of educational expertise, advocacy guidance and networking opportunities.

HIMSS is interested in learning about any programs chapters are implementing to grow membership, or a specific member demographic, outside of a traditional recruitment campaign.  How do chapters convey the value and benefits of membership? Please share successful promotional membership strategies and tactics. Send any success stories or challenges to Chapter Staff.   

Call for Vignettes – National Nurses Week 2015
In honor of National Nurses Week 2015, HIMSS requests that chapter leaders to submit a vignette, a short written description, demonstrating the value and impact nurses have in health IT at the local level. Vignettes will be proudly displayed on the HIMSS National Nurses Week website. Please submit vignettes to Maria Thornblad by Wednesday, April 1.

Important Notes

HIMSS15 Update
As a HIMSS chapter leader, you know the importance of having a presence at the biggest health IT event of the year.

  • Promote HIMSS15 and chapters’ HIMSS15 participation using the Chapter Marketing Toolkit to help get the word out —HIMSS15 is for all healthcare professionals. Encourage chapter members to attend. 
  • Attend the Chapter Leadership Workshop – all chapter leaders encouraged to attend on Sunday, April 12 from 2:00 – 4:30 p.m. at the HIMSS Spot, North Building, B Lobby.  Register in advance.
  • Register with your discount code 15ACDFCHP.  Only one code is allowed per person across all HIMSS.
  • Attend the HIMSS Block Party, Wednesday, April 15, from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
  • Attend the Chapter Presidents and Presidents-Elect meetup on Tuesday, April 14, 12:00 – 12:30 p.m., at HIMSS Spot Theater, North Building, B lobby for a chance to network and discuss opportunities to learn from one another next year.
  • Attend the Chapter Leaders private Interoperability Showcase Tour on Wednesday, April 15, from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Start Planning for FY15 Board Transitions
Now is the best time to begin planning FY16 activity and board transitions. Make sure that planning includes completing board elections in a timely fashion to allow for any onboarding of new board members. Identify the open positions and review the position descriptions. Consider future candidates with a positive mindset, strong work ethic and solid group chemistry. If a past volunteer has been a good chapter contributor, don’t hesitate to reach out directly with an invitation to participate in a more formal manner.  

To ensure a smooth FY16 chapter transition, plan an Annual Transition and Strategic Planning meeting in May or early June.  Review duties and responsibilities with the incoming board, identify programs and initiatives to be implemented during the coming year, set (tentative) event dates and identify committees.   And don’t forget that the Annual Standards Report is due on July 31, this year and every year.

Plan to have the Annual Standards Report as an agenda item during the strategic planning meeting. A new version of this report will be available soon, but much of last year’s criteria will be included for FY16.  This includes, but is not limited to, FY16 officers and directors, FY15 self-assessment and annual plan, bylaw modifications, events and programming, board and chapter communications, and board meeting minutes.  Last but not least, set realistic and attainable deadlines to complete financial reporting as this often takes months to complete. 

HIMSS strongly suggests spreading the annual report workload across many board members where appropriate.  Often one board member, typically presidents, will attempt to complete this report alone not realizing the daunting task ahead of them.  Delegate where appropriate and use the completion of this report as a team building exercise and test chapters’ synergy.  Completing the report can be quick and easy with some planning and timelines, but as always contact the Chapters Staff for assistance or questions.

2015 Chapter Leader Exchange – Save the Date
Please note that the Chapter Leader Exchange will be held at the HIMSS Innovation Center, in Cleveland, Ohio on July 14 and 15.   Similar to previous years, HIMSS will cover airfare and a one-night stay at the host hotel for one board representative per HIMSS Chapter. As more details become available HIMSS will contact chapter leadership.  Feel free to send any follow-up questions to Chapter Staff.

Tools and Resources

March 2015 Chapter Leader Webinar: HIMSS Membership
Join the next Chapter Leader Webinar.  The next FY15 Chapter Leader Webinar held Thursday, March 26 at 1:00 p.m. CST.  During this session HIMSS Staff Members will share information pertaining to HIMSS Individual Membership, Organizational Affiliate Membership and  Corporate Membership.

This hour will be used to better educate chapter leaders about membership and how to support chapters’ activity. HIMSS Staff will review membership options, how chapters can leverage different membership types to accomplish board’s goals and provide action items for chapters to incorporate. And as with all chapter leader webinars, time will be devoted for Q&A.  To join this webinar, send contact information and chapter affiliation to Chapter Services.  For those who cannot attend, a recording will be available to all post-event at the Chapter Leader Resource Area.

National Nurses Week
HIMSS joins the American Nurses Association and the Alliance for Nursing Informatics, as well as numerous other partners in celebrating National Nurses Week held May 6-12.  The purpose of this week-long celebration is to raise awareness of the value of nursing and help educate the public about the role nurses play in meeting the healthcare needs of Americans. Join in celebrating the nurses of our nation, who are at the forefront of improving patient care and transforming healthcare.

Visit the National Nurses Week webpage at HIMSS.org to learn more.

Complimentary Veteran Membership Project
HIMSS, in collaboration with Bellevue College and the United States Department of Labor, Education and Training Administration, is committed to assisting the veteran population gain knowledge of professional development and employment opportunities within Health IT. 

The goal of the Veterans Career Services initiative is to welcome transitioning military veterans into the health IT field - a growing and promising area for technologically-adept veterans. To help advance this initiative HIMSS will offer a one-year complimentary Regular membership to veterans who are new to HIMSS and to the field of healthcare IT.

Qualified veterans will be able to register online through the normal channels but must respond to a series of eligibility questions to receive the complimentary membership. Visit the HIMSS Veterans Career Services Initiative webpage to learn more about this program.  Or reach out to Amy Justice, program manager, veterans career services, government relations.  

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