Kent Gale - Speaker Spring Conference 2014

Kent Gale   Founder and Chairman of the Board KLAS
Kent L. Gale, KLAS Founder and Chairman of the Board. Kent founded KLAS in 1996 when it was obvious that unbiased reporting of client satisfaction was missing from the HIT industry. Kent has been deeply involved in healthcare IT for 35 years serving healthcare providers (Intermountain Healthcare), software vendors (Medlab, Sunquest, 3M, GTE, Compucare) and research/consulting organizations both nationally and internationally.

Kent is a graduate of Brigham Young University, and has lived in Brazil, Germany and the Philippines. He has traveled worldwide exploring the use of HIT and is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences. He is a former member of the CHIME Board of Trustees and recipient of CHIME’s 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award. Currently a member of CHIME and HIMSS, Kent has also presented at HIMSS National Meetings and HIMSS Regional Seminars. He was formerly a member of HISSG and SCAMC, and has been affiliated with ECHO an IBM Health Industry Professional Association. He is currently serving on the CHIME Education Foundation Board.

As chairman of KLAS, Kent is responsible that KLAS lives up to the KLAS’ 1st commandment. “Everything KLAS does must ultimately benefit the provider.” With that in mind, organizing KLAS to capture performance information on the myriad of products and services in this industry is his primary activity. Training and sustaining a research team that can speak to MR Imaging, Proton Therapy, Ambulatory Electronic Patient Records and even Human Capital Management solutions is a full time activity. Healthcare provider organizations have a voracious appetite for comparisons of products and services in this industry and there is no end in sight.