UHIMSS October 2013

President’s Message - Julie Beard

Julie BeardSeptember has been an exciting month. I hope you were able to join us for our wonderful networking hot luncheon and a very informative ACO, Medical Home and Payment Reform panel on September 20. We thank IHC for hosting the event at their Lakeview facility, providing broadcasting capability for our remote members and recording the event. We also appreciate Aranz Medical for sponsoring our very enjoyable hot complimentary luncheon.

It was a great pleasure to hear from the following individuals and we thank them for taking the time to provide our membership with their insight:

Scott Anders, Division Medical Director, Mountain Star/HCA
Scott Barlow, CEO, Central Utah Clinic
Karey Johnson, Director NW Region Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT), VA
Lisa Lyons, Product Manager Applied Research, 3M
Joe Mott, VP Shared Accountability, IHC

If you were not able to join us, I encourage you to link in to the recording at
mms;//mediahost.intermountain.net/pub/UHIMSS/UHIMSS_21030920.wmv. This link is also being posted on the UHIMSS web page. As it turns out, we recognize now that we should have scheduled this topic in two sessions due to the magnitude of the topic and the background of our presenters. While we did not have time for the audience to ask questions of the panel, we would encourage you to submit questions that you were not able to ask to my attention and we will facilitate getting them answered. As a Board, we are looking to expand our social media communication capabilities in the future to help facilitate these discussions.

Our Advocacy Committee Chair, Paul Sanders and Co-Chair, Phillip Kimball represented the HIMSS Utah Chapter in DC. They met with our Utah legislators to discuss healthcare IT topics of importance on a national level. Take a moment to review the Advocacy Committee update.

We have some incredible events for your benefit scheduled the last quarter of 2013. I would encourage you to participate and register early.

Oct. 14: Webinar, 12:00 – 1:00 PM, “360 Encompass: Clinical Documentation Improvement,
Computer Assisted Coding, & Quality Analytics”

Shawn Wells, ICD-10 Coordinating Manager UUHC
Michelle Knuckles, Manager CDI and Inpatient Coding, UUHC
Stephanie Mazza, CCS, I-10 AHIMA Approved Trainer

Nov. 6: Networking Luncheon, National Speaker, 11:30 - 1:30 PM,
“Big Data, Personal Analytics and Engineering For Health”
Location: Doty Family Education Center

Dave Riley, Physician Assistant, Chief Informatics Harris Healthcare Solutions
President, The Alembic Foundation, Owner Enaptics Consulting, LLC
National background, architect NHIN, Connect, DoD – VA EHR
Research focus developing and implementing personalized medicine

Session Description: With the recent advance in “omics” technology individuals are finding themselves surrounded by literally billions of data points. In these data, we find causal mechanisms behind our biological individuality and can begin to understand the interaction between genes and environment as it is expressed in our state of health. In this session, we will review genome, exposome, and phenome data sets what they are and how these plug into the G X E = P equation and how our understanding of this may be used to form the basis for a more disciplined approach to engineering for health. Along the way, we will review some specific examples to illustrate the work being done. Finally, we will open an interactive session for questions and answers with the audience to wrap up the presentation.

Nov. 20: Special Invitation Complimentary Luncheon and Executive Panel, 11:30 – 1:30 PM,
sponsored by Utah Healthcare Executives, Independent Chapter American College
Healthcare Executives: “The Healthcare Executive Role in IT Decisions”
Location: Gartner Village
Keith Tintle, FACHE, CEO, Timpanogos Regional Hospital, Orem, UT

Steve Anderson, FACHE, CEO, Jordan Valley Medical Center Hospital
Robert Allen, FACHE, VP Rural Region and Outreach, Intermountain Healthcare
Erik Bermudez, Research Director, KLAS Research, Orem, UT

Dec. 6: Networking Luncheon and Motivational Speaker, 11:30 – 1:30 PM, Brandon Sulzer
Location: Doty Family Education Center

We congratulate two of our prior Board members who resigned in September, Louise Cliché for her new job position and Kalyani Yerra for her expanded role. We wish them well in these new endeavors.

Please welcome two new Board Members, Katherina Holzhauser, AVP IS Communications at Intermountain Healthcare and Mark Runyan, IS Director IASIS Utah market. Katherina will be taking over as Co-Chair of the Student Liaison Committee replacing Ryan Smith. We have asked Mark to take over leadership role as Chair of the Program Committee. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to our new members.

Our committees are still in need of volunteers and encourage you to consider becoming more involved and have some fun getting to know some of your peers by working closely with them on one of the committees. Our goal is to have 5 committee members for each of our committees. While we have made progress, we need your engagement and support. We have the following UHIMSS Committees for your consideration: Advocacy, Communication, HIE, Membership, Programming, Sponsorship, Spring Conference, Student Liaison and Physician Member at Large. In addition, we are looking to further enhance our webpage and social media communication capabilities and our looking for volunteers with expertise in Web, Twitter, Facebook and or LinkedIn as part of our Communication Committee. If you are interested in learning more about one of the committees, please contact Rudy Matthes@hsc.utah.edu.
We would like to recognize the accomplishments of our members at the individual level or organizational level in future monthly newsletter and would appreciate your recommendations. Please contact Austin Cameron, Chair Communications Committee or Nancy Staggers, Co-Chair by the last week of each month with your suggestions at austin.cameron@klasresearch.com or staggers@son.umaryland.edu

I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your President and welcome your feedback at jgbeard1@gmail.com. I look forward to seeing you in person at our event on Nov. 6.