UHIN Continuity of Care Document Coming into the cHIE

cHIE ImagePress Release: UHIN

cHIE users can access patient data from Intermountain Healthcare and the Veterans’ Affairs Health Care System, as well as expanded records from HCA facilities!


Authorized cHIE users can augment their patient records with data from many important sources! Data is available from Intermountain Healthcare’s 22 hospitals and over 185 clinics in Utah and Idaho, and from the Veterans’ Affairs Health Care System, including emergency services and 10 community clinics in Utah, Idaho and Nevada. Additionally, St. Mark’s Hospital and Lone Peak Hospital are now sharing patient records in the CCD (Continuity of Care Document) format.

It’s simple to locate these partners’ records - just search for your patients as you normally do. Data from Intermountain, the VA and the two HCA hospitals will appear in the patient summary view. Data is automatically placed in the appropriate section for each data type (allergies, lab tests, etc.).

These partners’ information will be available in the patient’s record for 4 hours. However, data for a given patient can be accessed an unlimited number of times by searching for the patient in subsequent queries.

Intermountain, the VA, St. Mark’s and Lone Peak are providing the information available in a standard CCD, including demographic data (name, sex, date of birth, race, ethnicity, and preferred language), problems, medications, allergies, laboratory values/results, vital signs, care plans, immunizations and procedures.

UHIN continually works to make the cHIE a more valuable tool for your office. We are excited about the crucial role this information plays in helping every patient get the right care at the right time. This is also an important part of improving care coordination and quality for patients who are medically underserved.

If you have questions about accessing this data, please contact your dedicated UHIN Consultant.


  1. The cHIE automatically brings up this data when you search for a patient.
  2. Click the link that says “Proceed to patient summary” in the search progress window to start reviewing data from other sources while the search runs. You’ll be prompted to refresh the page to view these sources’ data when it’s available.
  3. These sources’ data remains in the patient’s record for 4 hours at a time. You can bring up the latest data in subsequent searches.