Announcement: New HIMSS NYS Chapter Officers

Thank you to all who put their names forward to serve as HIMSS NYS Chapter Officers. As it turned out, after the nomination period closed all positions were running unopposed. In accordance with Article VI-Section 3(b) of our by-laws: “Officers shall be elected by secret ballot except when there is only one candidate for an office, in which case the Chapter Board President shall call for election of the candidate, by acclimation.” The Chapter President and Board of Directors approved the slate of candidates by acclimation at their meeting on Friday, May 12, 2013.

Effective July 1 2017 the HIMSS NYS Chapter officers will be:

John Schrenker

Nicholas Christiano

Rick Sughrue

Pratik Hemranji

Susan Rueckwald

Anthony Ferrante

Keith Weiner
Board of Directors Member At-Large

Please plan to attend the NYS Chapter miniHIMSS<> on June 19th at Yankee Stadium!

Thank you!