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This issue of Chapter Leader eNews focuses on Policy and Procedure, as well as the NHIT Week tool kit.

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Call To Action

Chapter Award Nominations Closing Soon
Chapter of the Year and Chapter Leader of the Year Awards nominations are closing soon. Submit HIMSS award nominations via himss.org. The awards criteria and last year’s winners can be found on the Chapter Leader Resource Area.

The call for applications opened on Tuesday, July 5, and will close on Monday, Aug. 29, at 5:00 pm CDT. Late applications will not be accepted. Winners will be notified in December 2016.

Please contact Maggie Van Vossen, manager, professional development, HIMSS North America, with any questions.

10 Ways to Celebrate National Health IT Week within Your Chapter
With chapters across the United States, National Health Information Technology Week (NHIT Week) is a a partner-driven awareness week with various activities in communities from New England to California. HIMSS encourage chapters to leverage the opportunity to raise awareness and help the collective cause by recognizing the Week in local communities. To this end, we’ve put together 10 ways chapters can locally celebrate NHIT Week. Feel free to use any of the ideas listed below.

For specifics on how to implement these ideas, click each link, or download the full toolkit as a PDF file.

  1. Gather.  Hold an event with chapter members. Ideas can range from a hospital site visit to a luncheon/reception. Can’t get members together during NHIT Week? Hold a chapter event virtually. Don’t forget to submit events here and sign up for the Virtual March here (click “take action.”)
  2. Participate. To help get the word out about NHIT Week, use existing social media outlets, or establish new ones. Post a blog, tweet about #NHITweek, and highlight NHIT Week on the chapter Facebook account, website, and other digital media outlets.
  3. Promote. Add the NHIT Week logo to chapter website. These are simple ways that pack a big impact to let members and the industry know that the chapter is celebrating NHIT Week and the benefits that health IT brings to patients and providers.
  4. Incorporate. If a chapter has an upcoming announcement or event, plan to hold it during NHIT Week, in order to incorporate it in the activity.
  5. Communicate. To communicate the importance of NHIT Week to members, send regular emails or social media messages. Another way to communicate with chapter members is to place an article in chapter’s newsletters. (NHIT Week posters, logos, web buttons, and customizable newsletter articles will be available at http://www.healthitweek.org).
  6. Distribute. NHIT Week organizers have prepared a “Swiss cheese” release. Fill in the blanks and distribute the release to local healthcare and IT reporters, editors, and broadcast producers in the chapter’s territory. Add the NHIT Week logo next to the chapter’s, to show this is about more than just the local chapter. Encourage stories about local health IT projects and investments. HIMSS can assist chapters in creating media lists, if need be.
  7. Write. Draft an op-ed (700-800 words) to place in a local newspaper. The op-ed should focus on NHIT Week and discuss why patients and healthcare facilities - from doctors’ offices to emergency rooms - benefit from healthcare IT. Or write a blog and submit it to HIMSS.
  8. Proclaim. Working with the mayor or governor’s office, proclaim this year's dates as NHIT Week in the local city or state. Be sure to publicize the proclamation for maximum benefit.
  9. Host. Gather state policy experts, healthcare IT professionals, and other stakeholders to hold a seminar, and provide the latest information about health IT. Invite internal employees, elected and appointed officials, the public, the media and other stakeholders.
  10. Reach Out. Include reporters in NHIT Week efforts by arranging one-on-one appointments with journalists to brief them at their desks. Or, brief several reporters at one time by holding a media session. (Serve snacks or a light meal to help entice journalists to attend the event.)


Reserve HIMSS17 Chapter Receptions Now
CLICK HERE to reserve your event today
Chapters have the opportunity to host events during the Annual Conference to meet with members and network with colleagues. Chapters who plan to host an event during HIMSS17 must complete the online form by Friday, Sept. 16.

When considering hosting a chapter event, please note the following:

  • Chapters are responsible for all associated costs and contracts.
  • Limited times are available (see below). Chapters will be notified of event assignments.
  • Limited convention center space is available based on a first come, first serve basis, and subject to room size/capacity.
  • During education sessions there is a maximum of three chapter events at one time and/or 600 people in concurrent chapter events, whichever is less. 
  • No chapter events during the keynotes, awards gala, community open house, or the opening reception.  Review the schedule at a glance for details.
  • Chapters may work with exhibitors to host events on the exhibit floor in booths 20X20 or bigger.  Click here to view the floor plan and reach out to corporate members to host a reception in the exhibitor booth.

Available Times for Chapter Events During HIMSS17

  • Sunday, 2/19
    • 8:00am-1:30pm (Nearby venue)
    • 7:00pm-12:00am (Nearby venue)
  • Monday, 2/20
    • 7:00am-8:15am (Convention Center if available or nearby venue)
    • 4:30-6:00pm (Exhibit Floor Receptions only)
    • 6:30pm-12:00am (Nearby venue)
  • Tuesday, 2/21
    • 7:00-8:15am (Convention Center if available or nearby venue)
    • 11:00am-1:00pm (Convention Center if available or nearby venue)
    • 4:30-6:00pm (Exhibit Floor Receptions only)
  • Wednesday, 2/22
    • 7:00-8:15am (Convention Center if available or nearby venue)
    • 11:00am-1:00pm (Convention Center if available or nearby venue)

Chapters are welcome to work with any local venue or hotel. HIMSS recommends the four hotels that are within walking distance of the convention center (Hyatt, Hilton, Rosen Centre, and Rosen Plaza) or the Orlando Pointe dining area. For a full list of restaurants, visit the Orlando visitors center website. HIMSS will provide contact information for the HIMSS contracted hotels when chapters receive a date/time confirmation. To ensure the chapter has ample time to reserve a venue for offsite events, we will follow-up by Oct. 5.

Important Notes

2016 Annual Standards Report – Financials Due
The 2016 Chapter Annual Standards Report was due July 31. Please note that chapter financials are due on July 31 as well and any extension must be approved by HIMSS Staff. Contact Chapter Staff  immediately with delinquent reports.

These standards are designed to help chapters achieve organizational goals and benchmark future goals. All HIMSS chapters must meet minimum organizational and program delivery requirements based on the nine standards included in this report.

HIMSS would like to make tahe annual reporting process as easy and efficient as possible for chapter leaders. To ensure that the report is completed in a timely fashion HIMSS strongly encourages chapter leaders to work on the report throughout the year and delegate sections amongst the board. Chapter leaders can review the 2016 version on the Chapter Leader Resource Area (CLRA)

Don’t forget that all chapters must file Form 990’s with the IRS by Nov. 15   Any 990 extension requests must be sent directly to the IRS.  Please send any questions to Chapter Staff as the board works to complete this year’s report.

FY17 Chapter Task Force – HIMSS is Here For You
The Chapters Task Force is responsible for enhancing the relationship between HIMSS and its chapters by assisting the HIMSS Operations Team in achieving specific chapter-related goals. The FY17 Chapters Task Force is dedicated to improving the chapter program for all members and has created specific goals to target this fiscal year:

  1. Provide best practice policies, tools and content from other chapters
  2. Provide strategies and support for increasing sponsorship value
  3. Provide strategies and support for effective board and committee development
  4. Provide strategies and best practices to support regional or cross-chapter related programs
  5. Provide feedback to HIMSS staff on the Chapter Awards program

The Chapters Task Force is also a sounding board for all chapters to give feedback, new ideas, troubleshoot, guidance, etc. Learn more about the task force on the CLRA and reach out to regional contact or Chapter Staff with any chapter questions or concerns.

Read the HIMSS’s Members in Action articles to learn about the  Chapters Task Force chair and vice chair.

Fall 2016 Chapter Conferences
Fall is a great time for Chapter conferences. HIMSS is very pleased to see all the great work chapters are doing. Please contact Chapter Staff with event informaton to ensure the event is featured on the HIMSS events web page.

Women in Health IT Reception
Tuesday, September 13 | 4:30 – 6:00 pm CDT
Celebrate and empower stellar women in health IT as HIMSS honors HIMSS’ esteemed judges panel during the kickoff for the first Annual Most Influential Women in Health IT Awards. Reception open to all.  Enjoy food, beverages, and great conversation. Register here.

Summit of the Southeast
September 14-15, 2016 | Music City Center | Nashville, TN

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Lessons Learned for Aspiring Female Executives
Wednesday, September 14 | 11:30am – 12:15pm
The health IT field has emerged as a distinct profession with meaningful and well-paying careers.  For women, achieving pay equity with their male counterparts and achieving positions at the highest levels in health organizations has proven difficult. This session hosts lessons learned, experiences, and counsel from female executives who have achieved much in the health IT field. What propelled these panelists to success – Ambition? Leadership?  Networking? Performance? Smarts?  How have these executives addressed personal, professional, and organizational challenges?  How can their success inspire others to excel not only in health IT, but other areas too?

Moderated by: Carla Smith, MA, CNM, FHIMSS, HIMSS Executive Vice President @CarlaMSmith


  • Dana Alexander, Divurgent @DanaN2Health
  • Diane M. Carr, MA, FHIMSS, Healthcare Executive and Educator
  • Jennifer Dennard, Blogger, #HealthITChicks
  • Willa Fields, DNSc, RN, FHIMSS, Professor at San Diego State University
  • Miriam Paramore, FHIMSS, Lucro Marketplace @miriamparamore

Session included in conference registration.

9th Annual Regional DV-NJ Chapters HIMSS Conference
October 19-21, 2016 | Harrah’s Resort Hotel and Casino | Atlantic City, NJ
“The Essential Role of Technology in Population Health”
A regional meeting sponsored jointly by the New Jersey and Delaware Valley HIMSS Chapters.

GC3 Conference 2016
November 3, 8:00am-1:00pm | Beau Rivage Resort & Casino | Biloxi, Mississippi
The fourth annual Gulf Coast Chapters conference hosted by the Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi Chapters of HIMSS.

SC HIMSS Fall Annual Conference:  Healthcare IT: Your X Factor
November 9-10, 2016 | Columbia Convention Center | Columbia, SC

10th Annual Midwest Fall Technology Conference
November 13-15, 2016 | Radisson Blu at Mall of America | Bloomington, MN
"Secure Your Patient's Experience"

Tools and Resources

Online Journal of Nursing Informatics Summer Edition Released
The Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) Summer Edition, Volume 20, Number 2 is now available. The OJNI draws to nursing informatics in practice, education, leadership, and research. This journal is an international, peer reviewed publication released three times a year, and supports all functional areas of nursing informatics. HIMSS is currently looking for new submissions to be featured in future OJNI editions as well as peer reviewers. Click the following links to explore the author submission guidelines and the peer review process. Read the latest edition.  

New initiatives offered by HIMSS Health Business Solutions (HBS)
The HBS area offers three new exciting initiatives to give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise. If you are interested in joining the APM or Health Business Technology Task Forces or participating in the Prior Authorization Vendor Challenge, please contact Pam Jodock, senior director, health business solutions, HIMSS North America at (312) 507-9924 or, or Joanne Bartley, manager, health business solutions at (312) 915-9251. Highlights of these new initiatives are:

Responses received from the first HIMSS Healthcare Cost Accounting Survey indicate that although hospitals and provider organizations are willing to embrace value-based payment models, few believe their organization is well-prepared to do so.  The Alternative Payment Model (APM) Infrastructure Task Force will address important issues related to the business side of administering APMs. HIMSS is  looking for healthcare payer, provider, vendor and association professionals with direct cost-accounting, provider-payer contracting, quality reporting and revenue cycle management experience to join this effort. 

The new Health Business Solutions Technology Task Force will review existing and proposed legislative and administrative initiatives through the eyes of the technology needed to support the activity required by the language of these initiatives. HIMSS will coordinate with the HIMSS Government Relations team to educate policymakers on the need to develop additional health IT functionality to support the requirements of their proposal and/or identify areas requiring additional clarification to ensure that legislative or administrative requirements align with business needs.  HIMSS is actively recruiting decision makers from health IT operational areas of payer, provider, and health IT vendor organizations to participate in this important group.

Prior authorization of medical services is a major pain point for physician practices and patients alike. HIMSS, the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA), and the Healthcare Billing Management Association (HBMA) are teaming up to facilitate a Prior Authorization Vendor Challenge.  The purpose of the challenge is to encourage vendors to identify an end-to-end automated solution for processing prior authorizations for medical services that will reduce the administrative burden associated with our current prior authorization procedures and facilitate better patient care. Representatives from commercial health plans, provider organizations, clearinghouses and system engineers familiar with prior authorization processes are encouraged to apply. Volunteers should have in-depth experience with prior authorizations for medical services and have the authority to speak on behalf of the organization they represent.

Members In Action

Recognize outstanding Chapter board members or volunteers for above and beyond chapter accomplishments by submitting to HIMSS Members in Action.

Upcoming Chapter Events

Aug 26
New Hire to Best Hire | Alabama Chapter of HIMSS

Sept 1
2016 September Kickoff | New England Chapter of HIMSS
10 Canal Park | 4th Floor | Cambridge, MA 02141

Sept 8
Vision 2025 | Western Pennsylvania Chapter of HIMSS
Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse | 2425 Sidney Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Sept 14
Summit of the Southeast 2016
Music City Center | Nashville, TN

Sept 14
2016 Fall Educational Event | Central Pennsylvania Chapter of HIMSS
Danville, PA

Sept 30
Nursing Informatics Certification Review Course | Greater Illinois Chapter of HIMSS
Hoag Hospital Conference Center | Newport Beach, CA

Sept 30
6th Annual Privacy & Security Forum | Southern California Chapter of HIMSS
Global Center for Health Innovation | Cleveland, OH

More Events

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