HIMSS NYS Chapter Privacy, Security & Compliance Committee

April 3, 9:00am, EDT - 9:00am, EDT
(held on the first Monday of each month)

Conference Call
Access Code 9466105

HIMSS NYS Chapter Privacy, Security & Compliance Committee

To develop a multi-disciplinary platform for identification and effective remediation and/or risk reduction of the issues and challenges involved in the use and availability of all types of patient relevant information.  This includes current and future regulatory guidelines, operational, clinical and technical environments and the education, at large, of present and future participants in the healthcare field.Inline image 1

This Committee will need to be highly interactive with other NYS HIMSS Committees in that the topic touches all areas of healthcare

  • Each representative will have the ability to provide through engagement, interaction and active participation, with member representatives from each Sub-Committee they represent;
  • Through our regularly scheduled meeting process that includes Webinars, conference calls, etc., the representatives will share their findings and observations;
    • As a collective Committee, begin to identify, low-hanging fruit opportunities, best practices and areas of promise that will help the greater good.
  • As trends and needs become evident, different sub-committees may begin to identify potential solutions.
    • These will be synthesized into an overall approach at the Committee level.
  • The approach, engagement and solutions will always be multi-faceted;
    • Technology
    • Cultural/Organizational Change
    • Policy Change
  • Dissemination of Information will be through:
    • Awareness
    • Education
    • Socialization
    • Remediation
  • Business Process Improvement Approach
    • Reiterative
    • Collaborative
    • Inclusive